Easter Throwback

Today marks a very special day - I joined the Universalist Unitarian Congregation of Atlanta.  Mark and I first visited on Easter 2016 and the community resonated with both of us more than any church has in recent years.  My interest in a Unitarian church has been brewing in my mind and spirit for years and I finally took the plunge.  It was everything I expected and more!  The Easter message educated us on the origins of the Easter bunny (German fertility goddess involved), universal cross-cultural stories of resurrection from all over the world, and the speaker even referenced a scholar from Yale's Forestry program, the same program from which Mark graduated.  We've been back several times since and love it so much!  It's a place where intelligence and curiosity is valued, tolerance and acceptance is preached, balance and meditation is practiced, and social justice is of utmost importance.  I'm so thankful for finding this community and for a partner I'm so compatible with!