I'm a Fresh Harvest girl

Back in December, the universe brought me the most amazing gift in the entire world.  I learned about Fresh Harvest, a company that delivers fresh organic produce straight to your door on a weekly or biweekly basis, and it is literally the best thing that has ever happened to me in terms of food.  Can I please just list out how wonderful they are?

  1. Fresh, organic fruits & veggies.  This means your food hasn't traveled half way across the world to sit in a grocery store for a week before you buy it.
  2. So understanding.  Unlike so many companies who try to "get you" with ridiculous fees, Fresh Harvest does not charge a delivery fee, nor a sign up fee, and if you need to skip a delivery one week they totally understand!
  3. Minimal waste.  Because Fresh Harvest delivers your veggies in a rubbermaid bin there is almost zero waste.  You just put your empty bin outside and they retrieve it and replace it with a full bin on your next delivery day.
  4. Very social.  They are super responsive and have a wonderful social media presence.  Check them out on Instagram or Facebook.  You can see exactly where your food is coming from!
  5. Local farms.  We all want to support our local farmers, but we can't always make it to the Farmer's Market.  Fresh Harvest makes it unbelievably easy on us by selecting seasonal produce, coordinating with local farmers, and delivering it straight to our doors.
  6. Variety + Surprise.  I'm not one to venture out too far when it comes to choosing produce, but because Fresh Harvest selects most of the produce for me it ends up being a fun surprise.  On top of that, I'm receiving foods I wouldn't normally pick out at the grocery store, and it's actually wonderful, because I am learning so much more about real food and how to prepare it.  (You do have the chance to tell them 3 things that you never want for those select items that you find simply revolting.)  And beyond produce, they sell organic eggs, bread, bakery items, milk, you name it!
  7. Discounts.  If someone signs up through you Fresh Harvest generously gives you both $15 off!  Since my biweekly order is only around $39 this is nearly a 50% discount.  That's amazing!  So sign up through me (Lauren Poole) and we will both greatly benefit.  ;)