Color Story: Colors that Go with Forest Green


While I'm not ready to say goodbye to Blush anytime soon..  I am LOVING this Hot Pink and Forest Green color combo for the holiday season.  Isn't it delicious?!

Hot pink is just as dynamic and vibrant as her sister, Red and has been described as assertive and sexual, a sharp contrast from the innocent shades of Blush, Bubblegum, and soft Baby Pink.  

These shades of shocking pink are undeniably trendy and magnetic attention-grabbers.  Don't be ignored this Christmas! Get your pink on, girrl.  ;)


A Little History

Schiaparelli, the fashion designer, first became intoxicated with hot pink after studying the bright Peruvian hues of the Incas.  In the 1930s, she introduced the daring color into her designs and made quite a fashion statement in the Western world.

In the 1940s, William Wrigley came out with chewing gum in green packaging and sales were way down.  He simply changed the color to pink and sales hit the roof!

By the 1950s, pink was all the rage in interiors while advertisements encouraged women to "think pink."  The color dominated the entire decade.

Physiological Responses to Pink

"The color pink has been shown to influence all growing things, plants and people.  Dr. Bernard Jensen, a natural health scientist, conducted studies where he demonstrated that plants growing in a pink-glassed hothouse will grow twice as fast and sturdier than those grown in blue hothouses" (Colors for Your Every Mood, by Leatrice Eiseman, 1998. Health and Light, by John Ott, Pocket Books, 1973).

Pink + Personality

If You Love Pink

A pink person is less ostentatious than a red person, but still has style and perspective.  In softer tints, it is pure, demure, and sweet.  If you love pink, you are generally talented, but not pushy or overly ambitious.  

Sizzling hot pinks are a very close sister to red personalities.  Full of passion, ambition, and opinions hot pink people are energetic go-getters.

If You Hate Pink

The innocence of soft pink is quite annoying to you.  You consider it weak.  Hot pink is too showy for you and you're just not a person with that much audacity who wants to be the center of attention.  You prefer sophisticated and friendly colors staying safe in the realm of neutrals and muted blues.




If you're interested in learning more about color, I highly recommend this book!  

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