My Christmas Circa 1980-Something

I recently came across this hilariously cute picture from my childhood where I'm intensely focused on my coloring book (which is also on My Story page).  It's Christmas morning circa 1980-something.  My little sister is patiently waiting for me to play with her, but I'm determined to color the best damn picture ever.  Haha!


I have to say, not much has changed since then.  When I'm not working my nine-to-five as a textile designer, I'm spending pretty much ALL of my free time drawing, designing, and creating new products that will hopefully make your life a bit prettier and easier.

That's why I created the Christmas Portrait Builder where you can create a family portrait illustration for your Christmas/Holiday cards.  It's a Powerpoint file pre-prepared with avatars - you simply copy and paste, drag and drop.  My little sister (yep, the same one above) sampled the product and said it's realllly fun and easy to use.  :)

I'm a little bit proud that I recently learned how to make GIFS.  Check out the one below, which is a great way to see how you can use the different options:

Especially, if you don't have a good family photo this year or if you want to do something different.. the Christmas Portrait Builder is perfect for you.  It's a quick and dirty tool that ends up looking like you made the extra effort of hiring an artist. 

Here are some more family templates to browse:

With each family template, there are over 75 different avatars so you are almost guaranteed to find matches for your family.  There are also options with glasses, facial hair, etc.  Check out all of the faces below:

As a small gesture of thankfulness for being here and reading my blog, I'd love to offer you a FREE SAMPLE of the DIY Christmas Card Portrait Builder.    I've been an artist ever since I was a little girl and YOU help turn my creative dreams into a reality.  So, seriously, thank you. :)  Just sign up below to get your free sample!


The free sample is a Powerpoint file that you can download from my Google Drive folder once you sign up above.  Feel free to play with it and see how easy it is to use! 

Please note:  the sample file has a limited number of options.  If you try it and love it, and want to buy the full versionplease click the link here.

Now you have the ability to design your own DIY Christmas Cards!  I usually like printing online with Overnight Prints because it's so easy, but UPS or FedEx are great local options.


Additionally, you can delete the Holiday background and use it for family prints (or however you want)!  Which, by the way, makes really special and inexpensive gifts. Just sayin'.  :)   With this tool, you get to be the designer so your creativity is limitless.

And if you don't see a good option for your family, but you are interested in buying this product, please email me at  I also take custom orders and would love your feedback.

Love + Light,