Book Review: Entrepreneurial You by Dorie Clark for Solopreneurs Everywhere

Entrepreneurial You is a must-read for solopreneurs!

Build Your Brand

In Part One, Dorie Clark discusses the importance of building your brand and gaining trust with your audience.  Having credible sources that can vouche for you is invaluable as a business owner - especially online!

  • Who are the influencers you can connect with?  Who would have the biggest impact if you teamed up?
  • What skills or resources can you offer to help more experienced people in your field?
  • What forms of social proof can you leverage?

Dorie reminds us that "In the world of politics, there's a saying that voters have to hear your name seven times before you'll remember it, and the same is true in business:  repeat exposure is essential."

Grow Your Email List

Only 30 pages in, Dorie doesn't wait to tell you *how important* it is to grow your email list. 

Some folks prefer focusing on social media, but the main problem with that is algorithms are constantly changing.  What if your main way to contact your customers was via [insert the next MySpace].  Agh!  That would be terrible.  Your email list, on the other hand, is yours.  You own it and you can contact your customers/audience whenever you need to.

She shares some of her strategies for growing her list:

  • Offer an awesome freebie:
    • Work Book
    • Checklist
    • Webinar
    • Tip Sheet
    • Free Graphics
    • Free Printable
  • Hone these 4 strategies:
    • Consistency
    • Focus
    • Great Headlines
    • Syndication
      • Blogger James Clear began blogging in 2012 with a strict schedule of posting 2 articles a week.  Within 2 years, he gained 100,000 subscribers.  By mid 2017, over 400,000 people had subscribed!  That's crazy numbers.
  • Be consistent.
    • For example, publish a blog post "every Monday at 8 am."
  • Post your content.
    • If your writing articles, post it on LinkedIn and Medium.
  • Focus on 1 CTA (or Call To Action)
  • Buy courses, join a Mastermind, or hire a business coach.
  • Do podcast interviews.
    • Dorie did more than 160 podcast interviews and made sure to driving listeners to her page where they could enter their email address and download her freebie!
    • This helped her DOUBLE her list from 9,500 subscribers in Feb 2015 to more than 25,000 the following year!!






Check out Melyssa Griffin's interview with Dorie Clark on her podcast, Pursuit with Purpose.


What Other Strategies Does Dorie Talk About?

Part Two dives into all the ways to Monetize Your Expertise.  She describes how by 2016 she was making six figures from her email list alone.  She goes into detail in the following chapters:

  • The Courage to Monetize
  • Become a Coach or Consultant
  • Build a Speaking Practice
  • Build a Following through Podcasting
  • Develop Your Audience by Blogging and Vlogging
  • Bring Your Followers Together

Part Three talks about all the ways to Extend Your Reach and Impact Online.  When Dorie interviewed Jeff Walker, a main takeaway from Jeff was, "The philosophy is that it's all about delivering big value before you ask for the sale."

  • Leverage Your Platform by Creating an Online Course
  • Create Digital Products and Online Communities
  • Leverage Intellectual Property - Affiliate Marketing & Joint Ventures
  • Live the Life You Want

Clark, Dorie. Entrepreneurial You: Monetize Your Expertise, Create Multiple Income Streams, and Thrive. Harvard Business Review Press, 2017.

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