Custom Portrait Illustration of Christie's Friend, Julie and Bernadoodle, Boomer

Birthday Gift Graphics Marketing Material


Custom Portrait illustration Request

I was very excited to get a request from Christie to surprise her friend Julie with a custom image for her birthday! 

See more details below!

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Initial Image for Custom Portrait Illustration of Friend and Her Bernadoodle, Boomer

Initial Request for Custom Portrait illustration

Christie: Hi there,
I’m looking to have a gift made for a friend of mine. I was hoping to have the illustration be of my friend driving her Mini car with her dog sitting in the passenger seat like a human would. My friend is in LOVE with her bernadoodle “boomer”.

Lauren: Hey Christie! 
I can definitely do something like that for you!.

Christie: Great! Let’s do it! It’s a gift for her 40th😊


Final Design of Custom Portrait Illustration of Friend and Her Bernadoodle, Boomer

Final Design of Custom Portrait illustration

Here is the final design that Christie approved. It is a beautiful vector illustration of her friend Julie in her mini with her dog. This type of design works wonderfully for birthday gifts and invitations.

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