New Year's Goals: Home + Travel

One big topic for 2018 New Year's Goals is Home and Travel.  It's a super important pillar that gives us a beautiful balance between the comfort of our roots and the thrill of adventure.

At different stages in life, we may be more inclined to hop around from city to city exploring the great, big world or more inclined to find that dream home, a place where we can relax and raise a family. 

Both inclinations, to settle and to explore, are totally valid human instincts.  Personally, I believe we need a good balance of both.

A home base is a necessary foundation where we can really settle down and grow some roots, be an active part of a community, and develop deep friendships with people we can easily hang out with in-person.

An active travel schedule is just as essential!  We need to spread our wings, experience other cultures, meet new people, and gain the personal development that, let's face it, we only get from stepping outside of our familiar comfort zones.

Check out the vision board I made for my dream home.  In 2017, I was really tired of feeling unsettled and constantly renting.  


And guess what!  By May, I bought the most perfect little bungalow.  <3

My boyfriend and I conquered some much needed renovations upfront and for now this little old lady is being rented on Air BNB to offset the reno costs. 

If you're staying in the ATL area any time soon be sure to check it out!


To wrap up, I created a list with all the major pillars of life to guide your goals in 2018. 

It really helps you think through the important things and understand how you're going to make it happen. 

It comes with 32 different avatars so you're bound to find a graphic that looks like you!  Or you can totally leave it off.


That concludes our last pillar of our 2018 New Year's Goals so that you can be ready to have your best year ever.

Wishing you the very BEST 2018.