Watercolor Geometric Pattern - from Sketchbook to Final Design


Painting patterns with watercolor is so fun and adds an organic hand-painted feeling to the final design. 🖌 



I scan the watercolor painted pattern and edit it in Illustrator for a final digital version.  


pattern 4.jpg

My Design Process: Ideas | Create | Share | Teach

I didn't always have a clear design process.  I simply made whatever I was in the mood to make and threw it up in my Etsy shop hoping someone would like it.  Those days are over, boo.  I've learned that in order to be successful online you have to be super intentional about your process.

Often times creatives are introverted (I know I am!) so while we rock out the first two stages of brainstorming ideas and creating beautiful designs, the last two stages of sharing and teaching can feel rather unnatural.  We don't like being the center of attention, we don't like self-promotion, and hey, there's a reason why we're not sitting in a classroom writing on a chalkboard everyday.  At least for me, I'm the happiest when I am deep in concept and creation mode. 

The problem is... you will have no customers, certainly not repeat customers, if you don't make the effort to get the word out and build relationships.


You need all 4 phases in order to support the parts you love the most.  It will start to feel more natural as you get into a consistent rhythm.  When you share and teach, it gives you the opportunity to engage with customers and people who are interested in your work.  This ultimately provides invaluable feedback and nurtures the idea building process, which then allows you to create the best products ever!  It's a beautiful cycle. :)

Germany Trip + my latest digital product

I just returned to Atlanta after an amazing trip to Germany with my boyfriend and his family.  We visited towns in former East Germany such as Wittenberg, Weimar, and Wartburg.  We saw where Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses, where Kandinsky taught modern art, explored a castle, and visited a concentration camp.  It was life changing to say the least.

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